Vensterklip is one of the most chilled out places on the planet. It’s quite OK to do absolutely nothing here. Just take in the scenery, enjoy our wonderful food and forget about that busy life you lead elsewhere. But if you want to push yourself, we have a wealth of diversions to help you get the best out of your time here.


Hike through our Private Nature Reserve and enjoy some of the finest fynbos in the area. Discover Koi San rock art at Vensterklip and the caves around Verlorenvlei.

       Crayfish Trail

       We support and are a stopover for the guests who are hiking the crayfish trail.

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Bird Watching

Verlorenvlei is a world reknowned wetland, with over 240 bird species visiting the area every year. You can regularly spot flamingos, pelicans, herons and fish eagles.


The Vlei is an idyllic, tranquil place to fish. Patient fishermen will be rewarded with tilapia, carp, and mullet.

Kayaking and Swimming

Should you have a kayak, bring it along, the Vlei is the perfect spot, especially early in the morning. The Vlei is too shallow for swimming, so instead you can enjoy our beautiful pool and lapa.

Horse Trails

View the scenery and birdlife on a guided horse trail along the Vlei. For more information please contact our horse whisperer Csillas (pronounced Chilla) 082 725 1905.