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Renowned surfers' paradise


Elands Bay is located about 220 kilometres (two and a half hours drive) north from Cape Town. It is a major surfing location and is also noted for its caves, which have a number of rock paintings.

In 2009, Heritage Western Cape declared the Elands Bay Cave and most of Baboon Point (Cape Deseada), on which it is located, as a provincial heritage site. Eland's Bay along with much of this coastline is an "important" bird habitat. The local wetland, Verlorenvlei, is a Ramsar wetland.

Crayfish Boats on the jetty

West Coast Rock Lobster Jasus lalandii is a seasonal sought after delicacy found off the coast of Southern Africa.

Elands Bay - Surfers' Paradise

Elands Bay is a surfers paradise! It is also a great place to enjoy other activities like rowing, sailing, rock climbing, mountain biking, bird watching, whale watching and fishing to name a few. There are restaurants serving delicious local fare and good coffee! Elands Bay has a productive business community and providing a wide range of goods and services to its residents as well as surrounding communities.


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