Surfing At Elands BAy

Elands Bay Surfing

A long, reeling kelpy pointbreak, Elands Bay is a perfect left that allows for high-performance surfing, speed runs, and lip turns, as well as the ideal canvas for old-school carving. It likes the normal south west swell, and also feels a swell out of the north, as does most of the west coast. It goes offshore on any wind that has south on it, and when that dreaded south west wind has turned on a cold front, the two spots that get offshore ruffles are actually Long Beach and Elands.

Elands Bay up the West Coast has been revealed as a wave haven.

Elands Bay - Surfers' Paradise

Elands Bay is often fairly warm as it usually goes good after a cold front has come through, and a cold front brings warmer water with it. When the first day of offshore comes along there is usually enough warm water around to make it decent for a day, but one day of howling offshore and you’re back to booties, hoodies and gloves.


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06 July 2022


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